I pray for you today, making demands on the Unction of God at work in the commission of Dunamis International Gospel Centre, that as you have made up your mind, asking for forgiveness for every wrong foundation and every error, mistake and short fall you had made in your relationship in the past, I declare Divine intervention in your marriage in Jesus Name!

I come against every satanic orchestration against your home, I come against witchcraft manipulations, I take authority over ancestral curses and limitations and I bind marine spirit operations, in Jesus Name! I take authority over the operations of serpentine and water spirits, I take authority over the activities of spirit husbands and spirit wives that are fighting your physical marriage, in the name of Jesus Christ!

I declare today, that the Hand of God goes to work in your marriage, in Jesus Name. Every satanic spell that succeeded before, shall no longer have a hold in your life, in Jesus Name! I declare that from today, you shall have marital distinction, marital harmony and marital peace.

Every occultic infiltration into your marriage, into your spouse’s life and mind, are hereby terminated by the anointing of the Holy Ghost, in the Name of Jesus! I also declare that occultic strong holds are hereby broken, in Jesus Name.

As you have asked for forgiveness for every wrong foundation of pre-marital sex, I declare that, extra-marital sex and its consequences are hereby nullified, in the name of Jesus. The root that sustained the fruit is hereby cut off and the fruit is hereby laid to rest, in Jesus Name. I despatch today, warrior angels, to go and fight on your behalf. I also despatch the wind that parted the red sea, to divide asunder, your husband and that strange woman or strange women, in the Name of Jesus Christ. I decree same for your wife, if she is the one cheating.  Sudden antagonism comes into their midst, sudden disagreement comes into their midst, sudden hatred and bitterness comes into their midst, in the Name of Jesus! I declare that their quarrel shall be irreconcilable and their disagreement shall not be settled, in the name of Jesus.

I declare today that, every scale of deception upon your spouse’s eye is hereby removed. I declare that, those scales fall off their eyes with immediate effect, in the Name of Jesus Christ. Right now, I declare that, as the scales have fallen off, they open to see your real value, in Jesus Name.

Every charm, every satanic manipulation and strong holds are hereby broken today, in Jesus name and their holds are permanently destroyed forever in Jesus Name.

You are now free. Step back into your marriage, step back into your home, step back into marital harmony and distinction, in the name of Jesus Christ. I pray right now that, the Lord gives you power and grace to do all that you need to do, to ensure that your marriage functions excellently. I pray that the grace for patience and wisdom comes upon you to do your part as a spouse and to do your part in the home. The passion to fulfill destiny, comes upon you, in the Name of Jesus Christ. Every limitation is hereby broken, in the Name of Jesus.

Thank you father for hearing this prayer, in Jesus Name.

Congratulations, as your marriage is restored, in Jesus Name.