Hi! Today, we shall be looking at more ways to get your spouse quick. Before I proceed, I’d like for you to understand that these are activities that we asked people to carry out during counselling sessions after which they got their spouses back. You too shall encounter the same positive result, in Jesus’ Name.

  1. Engage in a Praise and Worship Warfare.

“Seven times a day do I praise thee because of thy righteous judgments.”

                                                                    Psalm 119:164 KJV

  “Evening, and morning, and at noon, will I pray, and cry aloud: and he shall hear my voice.”

                                                                    Psalm 55:17 KJV

Don’t cry for the devil but praise the Lord. Praise God adequately, even in the middle of the night. It will scatter the foundations of that satanic stronghold that is sponsoring the yoke and the union of your spouse with that strange man or woman.

  1. Identify the possible causes responsible for the infidelity:

I talked about that in the previous post. Be honest with your case. Some may be guilty of pre- marital sex but they never owned up to that fault. Some others had been in the attitude of despising their spouse for some time and then he/she found someone who respected them a lot, almost worshipping them and then, they decided to camp with the stranger. Be honest with yourself, identify what you are guilty of and begin to adjust where necessary.

  1. Take those possible causes of infidelity and handle them in prayer:

If there is an ancestral yoke of polygamy, destroy and pull it down in prayers. If there is an issue even in your own life, maybe marriages don’t work in your family, such family issues could help to sponsor what is going on in your marriage too. Deal with them in prayer. Those are foundational issues; take time out to properly pray, until you know that something has happened.

Revisit the post on the causes of infidelity, identify which is applicable to you and take it up to God in prayers. And refuse to relent until you are certain that things have happened in your favour in the realm of the spirit.

 How do you know that something has happened in the realm of the spirit?

  • You begin to notice positive changes in your spouse’ attitude generally.
  • You see remorse in your spouse.
  • Your spouse starts getting apologetic, saying things like: “I am sorry that I’m not spending time with you. I am sorry this is happening”, etc.

Let there be a conviction within you that the Holy Spirit is working something in your spouse. Also pray that God Should convict him/her of their sins, show them their faults and bring them to genuine repentance.

 Dear friend, refuse to give up, refuse to give in and refuse to give way. Go ahead and fight on your knees for the restoration of your marital destiny and dignity. Refuse to let bitterness, anger or pride stop you from doing all that you need to do to get back your spouse.