Hi dear friend! We have come to the last lap on the How to Get Your Spouse Back series. And today, I shall be giving you the final tips on what to do – while you still pray.

Before I go, I’d like to remind you that patience is key. Please do not start and stop even when you feel angry, frustrated, sad or discouraged. Keep keeping on even if it looks like things aren’t changing. I can assure you that it is the consistent flow of affection and the correct behaviour that will bring this wall of Jericho down. I also advice that you download the ‘Prayer for You’ post and pray them as often as you can. Receive an injection of new strength, wisdom and favour to fight for your home, in Jesus’ Name. Amen. Peace to you.

Now, let’s get you adding more flavour to your marriage.

1. Become interesting for your Man/Woman. I know I said something with these key words in the precious post. But this is a different angle. Here, I want to implore you NOT to become your spouse’s “Chief Correction Officer (CCO).” Some women constitute themselves as their husband’s new found coach or teacher; they tend to want to teach the man table manners, walking steps, social and public relations and even how he should dress. As a result, after a while, the man feels stifled and inadequate. And vice versa.

Those “Jezebels and mazibels,” make their prey forget their problems momentarily. These are tricks or know-how that they employ. They keep the man/woman momentarily happy and then, when he/she comes back home, the “Chief Correction Officer” (CCO), is waiting with words like: “Why did you come back so late?” Picking and pecking, like a school teacher to a mischievous student.

Employ their carefree tactics. They don’t invest time belittling their victim because they are getting what they want, and because they know that when things are not working for the man or woman anymore, they’ll just pack their things and leave.

As a wife, for instance, you are married to your husband for life, which is probably why you want to advise him not to spend too much, or eat too much or any other thing that would be dangerous to his health, etc. But in as much as you need to help and advice, don’t stifle him. Allow him to feel happy in your presence. Allow him to play, encourage him to chill out with you.

Ensure that in the midst of all the issues with the Jezebel, that you don’t push him to the wall. Many women have pushed the men to the wall and after a while, when the men saw other ladies that were ready to run around and play with them like children, they just let loose.

This absolutely applies to the men too. Please let your wife breathe. Stop stifling her with complaints and criticism. Stop fussing about the things she doesn’t do well and start focusing on the things she does well. You want her back emotionally and physically? Then become interesting to her.

2. Make Your Spouse Happy and Lively. Learn how to jest and laugh with your spouse again, learn how to tell stories; let such attitudes never die. Be involved in what your spouse does, get to know their interests and bring up those things in conversations.

Note this: Inside every man is a king waiting to be celebrated and a little boy waiting for you to play with him. Let the tension and stress that he came back home with be dissipated as he sees you. Respect him, treat him like royalty but also play with him. Run around him and make him feel young and admired.

Same applies to the men. Respect her like a queen and love her like a little princess. Be your wife’s buddy. Make her laugh, make her feel young, admired, precious, beloved and wanted— get her running back home to you!

3. Communication: One of the cheap avenues through which home breakers win their victims over is communication – verbal and non- verbal communication. You must begin to overwhelm your spouse with your own phone calls and text messages.

Some spouses may say, “Why do you call me very often?” “Are you keeping track of me?” So, if your spouse does not want you to call on the phone, send text messages and send them at a rapid frequency.

Even if you are not on talking terms and your spouse doesn’t read your text messages, keep sending them. One day, when their inbox is filled, they just might open it up and read! Do everything right to Keep yourself on your spouse’s mind.

Talking about SMS, endeavour to always send them. And if you can’t construct your own, buy books that have preset text messages or better still download apps that have these messages so that you can copy, paste or just forward them.

You can send messages like, “Just to wish you a great day”, “You are the only sugar in my tea and right now, my cup of tea is not too sweet, can we get together today for a sweet cup of tea?” The point is, put your mind to work.

4. Get Steamy: It is true that you’re probably still angry and maybe even nauseated by your spouse’s actions. But trust me, this isn’t time to shut off sexually. To deny your spouse sex in this season is to safely chase them into the hands of the home breaker(s). Instead, device means to get your spouse coming to you and get steamy. Remind him of what it’s like to be with you, blur the imprints of the home breaker from his mind, brand him afresh and get him running back home for more. Same applies to the men.

As you combine the spiritual and physical approaches listed in this series, I know that GOD will bless your efforts and help you to get your spouse back.

It’s been nice hanging out with you on this platform. Looking forward to reading your testimonies!