Hello and welcome to the physical aspect of how to take your spouse back. While the spiritual is being handled, you need to start engaging in some strategic physical improvement to match up with your spiritual investments.
This again is divided into two aspects to help you make the necessary adjustments quickly.

This may majorly apply to women and I shall explain why later. If as a man, however, your wife is complaining about your physique, then this also applies to you.
So let’s begin! If you can’t remember how you looked before your wedding, then get your pictures out and take a close look at how you used to look. You are to arrive at the best possible form of who you used to be in the following areas;

i. Size: You may not be able to get back to the size you used to be when you were in courtship but get close to the best trendy size possible. Endeavour to make the following sacrifices:
a. Give up large quantities of food
b. Reduce the frequency of your food consumption
c. Increase the intake of fruits and vegetables which are to be eaten before you eat a meal not after.
d. Increase your water intake.
e. Exercise to burn off calories.
Note that after the age of 40, you must vigorously and aggressively work on your weight because fat is easily deposited at this time and also very difficult to get rid of.

ii. Shape: Get to the closest right shape. That includes; dealing with your anterior abdominal wall and, protruding tummy. Do what you can to get into shape but I do not advise that you go for cosmetic surgery because of its high risk and the harm it has done to a lot of people in the attempt. Try to do the best you can. Exercise and healthy body sharpers can help out here.
iii. Gym: Get to a gym, get an exercise trainer, get someone to help you slim down your stomach and the whole of your body.
iv. Clothes: This is a very interesting part! What was the kind of dress you used to wear? Dress the way you used to dress that attracted him.
Also note that this is the season to pull out provocative clothes to wear and get your spouse’s attention. However let them be worn in the confines of your house and bedroom only please. It is never advisable to dress provocatively outside your home as a married person.