Hi! Great having you here for the second part of how to get your husband back via the physical approach. Today, I shall share three short sharp pointers with you. Ensure you practice them while still carrying out the spiritual approaches. I am excited because you too shall share your victory story! Cheers!

Now let’s proceed.

  1. Demeanour: To get your spouse back quick, you need to work on your demeanour. This refers to your manner, attitude, etc. In the bid to get your spouse back, you need to get back as close as possible to what you were in your demeanour –your attitude, disposition and comportment.  Endeavour to be as playful or as youthful as you used to be. People don’t like coming back home to a tensed up atmosphere or spouse. Liven up and become excited, exciting and excitable as my husband puts it. Receive the Grace to do this in Jesus’ Name.
  2. Value Your Spouse: Dear sister, your regard and value for your man must be high. Purposefully show him regard and respect. Always treat him like a king. Courteously serve him food. Even air hostesses in first class cabins frequently go on their knees to serve their distinguished first class passengers, what more of you to your husband. Is he not the first class citizen to your life? Same applies to men. Value your wife. Speak kindly to her. Listen to her and let her opinion count, etc. Make her feel like your Queen; lavish your resources on her and make her feel important and precious.
  3. Care for yourself: Do you remember the way you used to behave when your spouse was to visit during your courtship? You probably used to dress up, take extra good care of yourself and look good. Return to being that way.

Let me speak to the ladies briefly: “Vomit the girl that your husband married.” Get back to the basics. Refuse to be contented with waking up in the morning with your hair scattered, unwashed mouth, with wrapper on your chest just walking around the house. Nope. Refuse to be seen looking scattered and unkempt. Repackage yourself.

This is because when men go after strange ladies, most of them don’t go after older looking ladies or women, (except of course, the master seducing “sugar mummies.”) rather, they go for really young girls. Unfortunately, many men date girls that are of same age with their own daughters, what a shame.

This, however, gives us an understanding that, in a man’s mind, what he envisages or sees as desirable is someone that looks like what he married at the onset. So, work on it.

Dear Husband; you are not exempted from this. Hit the gym; work on your looks, reduce that pot belly and look as sharp and cool as you used to.