Hi? Today, I shall be running through the advanced symptoms of infidelity. And they are:

  1. Sudden over attachment to the phone.
  2. Rushing out to answer calls: A person who could easily take calls in the presence of the spouse suddenly begins to take them privately.
  3. Continuous text messages: Many times, when the spouse asks: “What text messages are you sending?” They say things like: ‘Oh! I’m just passing out information across to my colleagues.’ Lies.
  4. Late arrival at home which progressively gets later and later into the night.
  5. Longer hours outside: They begin to spend longer hours outside the house and even at work during the day and on weekends. Suddenly, he/she seems to have meetings at odd times too. Suddenly, there is a seminar, a conference or an appointment with the boss at odd hours or outside town.
  6. Frequent worried, anxious and agitated look; especially if your spouse is a born again Christian who is violating his spirit.
  7. Over defensiveness: At this point, before the spouse asks a question, they become defensive and say things like: “Why are you asking?” “Are you suspecting me!”, etc.

If this is your case, do not fret. I shall show you How to Get Your Spouse back in this series.