Hello? I shall be sharing the more advanced symptoms of infidelity with you today, after which we shall proceed to ‘How to Get Your Spouse Back.’

The stage of more advanced symptoms is a situation where issues have gone very far and the conditions full blown. This stage is usually characterized by:

  1. Late nights.
  2. Sleeping out. The spouse sleeps outside the house, maybe could come in at 5a.m or 6a.m, when others in the house are waking up to go out, that’s when he/she returns for the day.
  3. Sudden uncalled for travels and journeys.
  4. Sexual relationships between the man and the wife becomes minimal or non-existent.
  5. No more eating at home; mostly for the men.
  6. The man seems to suddenly become very low on cash most of the time because someone is siphoning the money in the name of being his girlfriend. The woman also begins to spend a lot of money outside the home.
  7. Avoiding family responsibilities: This majorly applies to men as the man begins to avoid the payment of his children’s school fees; family obligations and family responsibilities.
  8. Occasionally, the non-cheating spouse gets sexually infected. At such times, the cheating partner could be on drugs and when asked why they are on medication, they give flimsy reasons. Meanwhile, they go for medical attention while the non-cheating partner is left stranded.
  9. When charms are involved, (many home breakers use charms) and real satanic involvements in addition to all these other things, what you see is aggressiveness, characterized by wife battering, fighting, quarrelling and threatening of the wife to pack out of the house. This is more prevalent with men.
  10. Extreme variance: Extreme variances are things like, the man sleeping with the maids in the house, his wife’s sister, mother or other relations (Or vice versa in the case of a woman). These are offshoots of a perverted extra-marital affair outside the home, playing out with the next available victim in the house.


One of the issues that is always consistent in symptoms of infidelity is the issue of the phone. It is not advisable to go around looking into your spouse’s phone(s) to check for what you are not supposed to.

Give your spouse the benefit of trust. If you have the issue of lack of trust or lack of mutual respect and lack of confidence, they are limitations that could affect you as an individual.

KINDLY NOTE THAT it is better that you don’t see such distractive messages on his/her phone, than to see them and start having sleepless nights.

I decree Divine Intervention, in Jesus’ Name. Join me tomorrow as we tackle the issue of ‘How to Get Your Spouse Back.’ Peace to you.