Delay or inability to bear children has pushed many people into infidelity. I have seen over the years of counselling that, a man tends to fall as an easy prey into the hands of a husband snatcher when his wife is barren. Such a strange woman makes him the promise of getting pregnant and delivering children for him.

We do know medically that, a large percentage of barrenness cases (infertility) is caused by male factor deficiencies. These ranges from low sperm count to impotence, covering a wide variety of conditions.

It therefore becomes a wonder that such a strange woman suddenly appears with a pregnancy, claiming it belongs to the man that has a diagnosis of a male factor challenge. It is obvious in such cases that she has been impregnated by another man in her promiscuity and compels her target man to believe that it is his child, all in a bid to have him to herself – away from his original wife.

Many women have also cheated on their husbands because of low sperm count or impotence issues.

This is a worrisome cause, but a couple who will stay together without alternatives or other options will of a surety receive Divine intervention from God and deliver their own children in their due time, despite any delay. We have recorded such testimonies in our Church several times. And many of such couples ended up giving birth to twins; some even gave birth to triplets to the Glory of God!

If you are having child bearing issues, I decree Divine intervention and help in Jesus’ Name! Hang in there; refuse to give up on yourself and refuse to take your eyes off God. He is faithful, He loves you, He knows what you are going through and will help you. Hang in there.

I decree at this juncture that no one will succeed in taking your spouse away from you because of childless, in Jesus’ Name! Receive your children, in Jesus’ Name! Peace to you.