Sam’s smart phone beeped quietly, but to him, it may have been loud enough to wake up the dead, or wake up his wife who slept blissfully by his side. He rolled lazily to the edge of the bespoke canopy king sized bed wondering who could possibly be awake at such wee hours of the morning. It was 2.57am. He tip-toed slowly towards his phone, stole a quick glance at its screen and started for the bathroom; taking one last peek at his wife to ensure she was still asleep, he quietly shut the door behind him. He turned the nub of the mixer tap on the wall-hung basin and took a minute to watch the gush of water before looking at his phone again. He had three missed calls and a text message all from the same person –Lilah.

His heart quaked and his pupils dilated as he read through the message. He could feel his blood race through his veins and his body engulfed in wild flames of untamed desire. He read the message again, but this time out loud, as though to relive the thrilling feeling he had experienced.

“Babes, I’m in bed now but I just can’t stop thinking about you and the things we did together, I really enjoyed it. You make falling in love with you so easy. I wish you were here now. I can’t wait to see you tomorrow. Goodnight love. Lilah. PLEASE DELETE!!”

Delilah or Lilah as her friends called her had been course mates with Sam in the university; they had little to do with each other besides attending the same lectures and on few occasions, the campus fellowship. Honestly, she was not worth remembering –then. Four years later, and Sam thought Delilah had blossomed into an incredibly stunning woman, almost celestial. They had met at Chillies where he occasionally had lunch. He never intended for them to be involved, especially since he was trying to retrace his steps back to God, but she quickly became his bad habit…his temptation and he had fallen fast and hard.

Earlier that day, instead of having lunch at Chillies, they met at her place for dinner. The fragrance of sweet scented luxury candles welcomed him as he walked into her house, the aroma was amazing, perfect for the mood she intended to create; it permeated the small but elegant living room. She had quickly excused herself to put on something much more…in her words, “comfortable and suiting” for the situation at hand. The room was cool and dark but for the fickle illumination that the scented candles provided. Sam sank into the chocolate brown Italian leather three-seater. It felt so soothing. Delilah sure knew how to put a man on a leash, she had quickly learnt what he liked and disliked, she knew how to approach him when he was upset and she knew how to get him exultant and reaching for the stars. She had gradually become irresistible to him. She was the only one who called him by his name- Samson and he wondered why. Everyone else settled for Sam, but of a truth, he was her Samson and she was his Delilah.

When she returned, though it was dark, Samson was convinced that his wife had been eclipsed even in beauty by the shadow of Delilah. Delilah was every man’s fantasy and Rachael was nothing compared to her. After two children, Rachael had begun to grow a double chin and had extra flesh sagging out at various parts of her body. He had complained initially but soon gave up, feeling she wasn’t doing enough to keep herself beautiful for him. To Him, the marriage had become uneventful, predictable and boring, he needed some excitement and adventure and Delilah provided him with that and more.

Samson felt her gaze right into his soul, she had darting nut-brown eyes that kept one mesmerised. He also felt a large lump in his throat and found it difficult to swallow. He thought to fight the urge to walk up to her and stay true to his wife but it was too late; her chin was already cupped in the palms or his rough masculine hands. How he got to her, he honestly couldn’t remember. That evening, it happened. He had broken the covenant he had with his wife and his Maker, he felt more than a pinch of guilt and knew without doubt that there would be consequences.

Rachael knocked gently but impatiently on the bathroom door asking if he was ok. He closed his eyes and exhaled slowly and deeply realising he had been lost in thought for more than a minute. He took one last austere look at his phone screen and felt that large lump in his throat again only this time out of shame, guilt, and remorse. How could he tell his wife what he had done? How could she ever trust him again? In one fluid movement he deleted her message and turned back the nub of the mixer tap on the wall-hung basin. But for the persistent knock on the door, everywhere was silent again as the waters retreated. While opening the bathroom door, Samson doubted if he would ever see Delilah again….

Is someone after your spouse? Are you in a desperate state, looking for an instant solution to end the extra-marital affair plaguing your home? I understand how you feel and I assure you that there can be an instant result – by God’s way. Understand also, that all that is required for you to get your spouse back may be a little effort on your part.

In this series, I shall be showing you the causes of infidelity and all you need to do to get your spouse back.  My husband and I have counselled a lot of failing families and relationships which were later restored by God’s power. I am convinced that God shall produce the same result in your case. Come along; let’s start the journey.

P.S: I am looking forward to reading your triumph story :)!

The story is a work of fiction. But captures what happens to so many that are trapped into immorality.