Hello? Welcome to the second edition in this series. In the journey of getting your spouse back, here are a few things you must NEVER be caught doing:


1. Do not confront your Spouse.

‘Did I hear you right???’ you may ask. Yep. You did. Please do not confront your spouse. And if you have been doing so, kindly put a stop to it. To do so is to shoot yourself in the foot.

You don’t walk up to spouse and say, “I have caught you now, your suit smells of a feminine/masculine perfume” or “I saw lipstick on the collar of your shirt.” The normal outcome under such confrontation is that there is an immediate fight, because every human being is designed to defend himself.

So, you see, self-defence is the natural outcome when you are confronted. So, confronting your spouse is not the answer. What then do you do when you discover that your spouse is cheating? We continue tomorrow.

2. Never confront the Intruder.

Never confront the strange woman or man. For most women, once they get the strange woman’s number, there is a tendency to pick up the phone and confront her, insulting and threatening her to leave their husband alone. They say things like:“ You better leave my husband alone, you prostitute; go and look for your own husband.” As tempting as this is, please do not do it. If you have done so, please desist from doing it again.

What happens when you confront the intruder?

  • You automatically become the attacker.
  • The intruder then becomes the one that is being attacked.
  • Your spouse will immediately rise up to defend the intruder while YOU turn out to be the offender.

You see the way the devil just turns the table around? At that point, your spouse will refuse to be ready to stop what they are “eating” outside. So, please do not confront the intruder.

3. Don’t Report Your Spouse

Don’t report your spouse to their mother, relatives or friends, except of course, these people are in a position of his pastor or spiritual head. However, that is not the first line of action that you should resort to; you can try that only after you might have tried out all the recommended options and patiently waited for a positive response.

4. Never Deprive Your Spouse

Never ever deprive your spouse of sexual relationship in case they are still interested in you to that extent. To do so is to further push them away.

How about getting infected, you may ask? At this time, you just walk by faith, trusting God that a “Curse causeless” shall not come upon you. You are not the one that became unfaithful, so, if he/she gets infected, it will not get to you. You will not contact any sexually transmitted diseases from them.

Now that you know WHAT NOT TO DO when you find out that your spouse is cheating, I shall now take you through the series of fail-proof things to do to get him/her back!

The story is a work of fiction. But captures what happens to so many that are trapped into immorality.