Seduction is the process of deliberately enticing a person, to engage in a relationship, to lead astray, as from duty, rectitude, or the like; to corrupt, to persuade or induce to engage in sexual behaviour. The word seduction stems from Latin and means literally “leading astray” – Wikepedia.

Seduction is a major cause that “pushes” an innocent man or woman into extra-marital affairs. There are some people who are masters in the art of seduction. A lady in the art of seduction, for instance, tends to come into a man’s life in a very subtle manner and then infiltrates his emotions. What she attempts to do is not to stir up lust but to stir up love because if she only stirs up lust, when the man is through executing his lustful acts, he could easily disengage from her and cast her aside. So, she makes the man to fall in love with her, love her company and thus, begin to feel that he cannot do without her being around him. She weaves herself into the very fibre of his being for a long time.

After a while, a “professional seducer” makes the victim feel like they are the ones in pursuit of him/her, trying to wooed or won over. Meanwhile, it was all a setup. Seducers study their target’s receptivity, and then begin to show kindness towards them, paying attention to them and playing on their most vulnerable attributes in order to be able to nail them down.

Most seducers have learnt the skill of speech and dressing, these two main components are their major weapons of warfare. A female seducer, for instance, dresses to catch attention and when she has successfully caught the attention of the man, she carries on her mission via the kind of speech with which she uses to communicate with him.

Most real seducers do not actually dress in an out rightly vulgar or repulsive manner. Many of them don’t make themselves look like prostitutes because, their aim is not for a one-night-stand. They are normally out for potentially successful young men whom they can milk and suck all the money and resources that they can get out of them and so, they do not present the image of a loose woman. They present an image of a strikingly attractive person that catches the man’s attention, then, they get to work with other captivating skills.

A woman who is given to seduction has trained herself with words and when she gets her original victim, she doesn’t just go head on, she studies him, watches him, tries different tactics and sees which one he responds to most. Unfortunately for most married women, they don’t even know the kind of words that catches their husband’s attention or the kind of things to compliment him about, they don’t know the kind of things that bothers or interests him. That’s terrible.

Many of the seducing agents are demon possessed, motivated, propelled and pushed by the spirit of greed. They can never have enough, they want more, usually, more money, attention, recognition and fame far beyond what they are qualified for.

A ‘jezebelic’ seducer for instance, can take her money and buy a first class ticket to board an airline just because she hopes to catch a prospective victim who is travelling alone on that first class cabin. However, her mission is well calculated and targeted and they often have a very high success rate. She can’t be bothered about spending her first class ticket money because, she knows she will recoup it back from her victims with much more in addition. The man attends to her with respect and some level of dignity as a personally successful lady who can afford to fly a premium cabin and all restraints and inhibitions are removed. As she engages him in discussion, he feels like he is conversing with an intellectual equal and soon gets carried away by her flatteries, her alluring demeanour and ends up trapped. An innocent man who never thought he could fall into such a thing, suddenly becomes a victim of seduction.

For any woman reading this, I believe it will help if you are a successful person even as an individual. Men like to associate and identify with successful people because they are achievement-oriented, success motivated and respond more amicably with a person doing well. Don’t just sit and wait for his hand-me- downs and begging for sustenance. When you have and then ask him for more, the masculine nature rises up to the request to prove to the woman that he is bigger and superior to her by giving to her.

Don’t let any ‘Jezebel’ outsmart you or reap a harvest of your labour. Be smart, be agile and be proactive. And very importantly, start being the seducer of your own spouse!