This point may ‘unruffle’ your feathers if it really applies to you. Many times after marriage, most women change quite a bit, especially when compared to their husbands.

Dear Sister, unfortunately, most men don’t consider the tremendous toll that child bearing can take upon a woman’s physical structure. Considering the fact that, men are more moved by what they see than women are, it is important that you make the necessary efforts and adjustments.

If your husband married you at a weight of 90kg for instance, it is not likely that he will wake up all of a sudden and wish you to become 60kg. He obviously liked your original size as it was. If however, you gain additional weight and you turn 120kg, that may pose as a major challenge. The worst example, is a woman who was petite, flat tummy size 10 at 58kg now a robust woman wearing size 22 at 110kg. Look at the difference critically. Such a woman becomes a virtual stranger to the man. The protruding tummy would definitely be an obstacle to his engaging in his marital activities and his dream of lifting up his wife in his arms as he did on his wedding day may be lost. Some men then go out to fulfil their secret longings.

You may need to climb on a weighing scale today and compare your weight to what it used to be.

Your body is a vital tool for keeping your man. Bathsheba, one of the most renowned seductresses of all times, knew that! She knew she had a beautiful figure, she had seen men’s eyes drawn to her clothed body and she used that same body to seduce and trap the great King of Israel called David.

He saw her bathing naked and he was hooked. The image of the smooth shapely body could not leave his mind and he went after her to his detriment.

Can you display your body for your husband? Or will the over folding flaps of skin and fat tissues make you cover up? These are hard questions. But, there is a way out. All you need to do is to start with the decision to return back to shape and then start taking steps to get back to shape where required.

Men are not left out in this issue. Many women have cheated on their husbands because of change in the man’s attractive qualities which may include the physical qualities as well as his loving nature. Many women married their husband because he was kind, gentle and very generous. And when the man turned a 360 degree and became brutal and brutish, they too, got attracted to someone outside. Terrible.

Dear husband: Can you remember what attracted your wife to you? If you are lacking in those areas, kindly revert and begin to display those qualities again. This may be all you need to get her love and loyalty back.

Dear Wife: If you need to get back to shape, I pray for you that God will give you the discipline to do the required.


Getting back to shape is a journey; do not indulge in harmful activities to lose weight. Take it one step at a time till you arrive at your desired figure.